Frequently Asked Question

Is can everyone buy subscription for use our software?
  No, we limit the sale of our software at 50 subscribers in same time.

Is there anything I need to know to avoid crashing my game?
  You must disable Multicore Rendering in Game options to use our cheats (CSS/CSGO/TF2/DODS...).

How do I activate my subscription?
  Activation is not automatic, manual activation can take up to 24 hours after your payment.
If your subscription has not yet been activated after 24 hours, please contact the administrator.

What Operating Systems (OS) are supported?
  Windows Vista (32bits & 64bits), Windows 7 (32bits & 64bits), Windows 8 (32bits & 64bits), Windows 8.1 (32bits & 64bits) and Windows 10 (32bits & 64bits).

Can I use this on several computers?
  No, our cheats are bound to your computer's HWID (Hardware Identification), if you change hardware or PC you will need to request a HWID reset if you have just bought a subscription.

You can contact us if you have somes questions

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