Hey Everyone,
I've used several clients before, both external and internal, but they involved having to download to USB and then injecting, removing etc. etc.
One of them you could only edit the config, which was a text file, after closing the game and steam then doing the whole process again and testing in game.

I have to say compared the previous clients this one is superb. No need for a USB, load client, load game done.
The ingame menu makes it easy to configure so you can tweak away till you find your perfect settings, or want to quickly enable ESP for a couple of rounds.

The aimbot has so many good options, such as enable after x amount of time holding your hotkey and disable after x amount of time.
This allows you look more legit. Which leads me to my next point of this aimbot / trigger looking the most natural I've used so far.

I haven't really used the ESP / Visuals too much as I prefer to play more legit with subtle aim assistance, as you can get caught out if you let your guard down looking at a wall or constantly outmaneuvering people. But from I've seen they work great. Same goes for the skin changer, not for me but option is there.

To sum up: Best I've used and will be the only one I use for now.

(Will add more as I go on / use it more)