Aimbot 9/10
The aimbot really is quite unique in its performance. When settings such as Smooth and Once are used with a low FOV, it really is hard to determine whether the user is cheating or not. That being said, don't think that because it is hard to detect that it doesn't give a performance advantage; the aimbot is very strong. It particularly shines with single fire guns such as Snipers and Pistols. Rifles also work quite well with the RCS/spraydown features.

ESP 10/10
Perfect. Many different options to help configure the ideal ESP for you. No issues here at all.

Triggerbot 10/10
Again perfect, very powerful with many different options to make shots seem more legit

GUI/Setup 10/10
Setting up the cheat is easy as pie, with a very helpful and informative GUI present. In fact, I'd say it was the best GUI I've used on the cheat scene thus far, as each feature has its function explained well. The config files and quick-swapping features were also very useful.

Misc Features 10/10
All other features worked according to their descriptions.