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Thread: CSGO V2 Review

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    CSGO V2 Review

    Honestly I feel like re-roved is one of the more secure CSGO cheats. It might seem sad but, this is the first cheat that has actually gotten me to a rank without being VAC'd.
    The aim-bot is very good. not only for legit game play, but also for some reason RAGE... its just over all good. the ESP options are amazing, although I wish they would fix Skeleton/Barrel..
    The trigger-bot is also just as you would expect.. nuff said on that.. the recoil cross-hair is extremely useful if you dont know the recoil patterns.. I love the specific settings for specific classifications of guns, as thats extremely useful for if you want head shots with a pistol but not for your rifle, sniper, smg, etc.
    Overall I would +1 this cheat and recommend it for anyone who wants a reliable and non-vac'd cheat.

    Ok, I'm going to redo my Testimony.

    To start off, I feel like re-roved is a better cheat because it has been literally the only one that I havent got banend on (Without raging)
    The ESP Is great, even though there are 2-3 options that dont work, never the less, its amazing.
    The aimbot is also great because it has options for both (semi)Rage and perfectly legit. I wouldent expect it from a legit client, but with the right rage settings... its pretty hardcore.
    I cant really make a comment on the trigger bot, because.. its a trigger bot.. it works fine.
    One of my favorite parts of the cheat is that you can customize your gun settings, to make it better for if you want an actual recoil managing aimbot or just some extra help as you use the Recoil Crosshair. If you're to use this client, you CAN BE BANNED.. but not from VAC.. its all overwatch, so happy cheating.
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    Thanks for review ryzid.

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    Thanks for the review bro !

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    Thank you !


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